Welcome to Babatel

Babatel is a leading high quality prepaid long distance, home phone and business phone service provider. The Babatel organization has been expanding with various new product lines such as Direct Dial, Hello Bolo, Digital card, Home Phone plans, Business Phone plans, and Babatel offers competitive unlimited internet and bundle packages.

  • Enhanced Features
  • Auto Attendant
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Simaltanious Ring
  • Remote Office
  • 7 days Customer Service
Save up to 90% off on traditional Long Distance plans

At Babatel our main focus is quality, and reliability in service. Our service is fully backed up and redundant. Babatel Long Distance Products (Hello Bolo/Direct Dial) can be used from home, mobile or business phones. Here are some of main features:

  • No Setup/Activation Fee
  • Free Calling Features
  • No Missed Calls
  • Keep you Existing Phone Number
  • 7 Days Customer Service